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How To Use

1. Plug in wax warmer and set to 210℉-240℉. Add approx. 30g hard wax beans to begin melting. Give 7-14 minutes to ensure all wax beans are melted to a liquid consistency.

2. After reaching a liquid consistency lower temperature to a constant 160℉ till all waxing is complete.

3. Ensure skin is clean and dry. Carefully apply a small patch to test on wrist, make sure wax is warm but also tolerable on skin. With a wooden spatula spread a layer of wax onto the area along the direction of hair growth. TIP: When applying wax curve the edges into a U-shape for easy removal.

4. Allow fast drying, holding the skin taut.

5. Tap wax to check if it has set hard, pull wax off in a firmly against the direction of hair growth.

6. After complete waxing, wash with lukewarm water and gentle soap & moisturize skin (non fragrance products).


How To Clean Wax Warmer

1. After waxing session, while the bowl is still warm-hot, take a clean tissue paper and wipe out all the excess wax.

2. Add 1 teaspoon of coconut oil into hot bowl and wipe clean with a new tissue paper.

3. Turn off wax warmer, allow it to cool.

4. After the wax warmer has cooled, you can take the bowl out and wash with liquid soap and water.

5. Allow full drying before placing the bowl back into the unit.